Can Our Dreams Really Come True?

It takes incredible power to not give up on you. It takes incredible power to allow yourself and your life to become something different & better. It takes incredible power to show up for yourself by doing positive things for your life; even if they seem “hard.” 

Self Confidence Manifesto

Self Confidence Manifesto By Jennifer Mariposa I make a decision today to commit to and practice Self Confidence and Self Love. I am willing to exude confidence and show myself love. I choose to feel good about myself and take steps daily to enrich myself. I prioritize feeling good about …

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A New Year, A New Start: 2017

2017 2017 is a numerology number 1 year. {2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1} The energy behind a year 1 is beginning and starting. I have joyfully seen many people putting energy into their Life Purposes, goals and resolutions on Instagram. I have been doing the same on my Instagram account and by writing this Blog …

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