Abundance Block Breakthrough

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Imagine when you sleep you have this dream. You enter a shop with a friend to see if your old hair stylist still works there. The shop is still owned by the same person but it is no longer a hair salon. You don’t know what the shop is now. The owner asks you and your friend to sit down so he can show you what the shop now sells. You sit down on comfortable seats and he comes out with the most gorgeous lamp shade you have ever seen AND it matches your decor. Then when he brings in the matching lamp, it is a work of art to behold. (And you didn’t even know you could love a lamp so much!) All your want and desire says “give it to me”, but you think “I can’t afford that” and you now try to find a way to politely say no to store owner. As you are leaving, he pulls your pregnant girlfriend aside into the back room. She comes out with a smaller lamp that is perfect for her nursery. He GIFTED it to her. While you are so happy she received a perfect gift for free, you wonder why she received a gift and you didn’t… ?!?!?!!!!


What did she believe that you didn’t? (And yes, I woke up dreaming that dream!)

In your quest for positive change on your abundance path, have you ever wondered “Why do rich people have money and I don’t? What do they think differently to manifest abundance that I don’t think? How were they raised differently than I was that FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE is in their life but it isn’t part of yours? Is it because they are smarter or because they know the right people or because they work more hours?” I don’t believe they are smarter, or know the right people, or because they work more hours; though all of those things may be present for them. You are smart, aren’t you? You know good people. You work many hours. I have always believed that it had to do with how wealthy people were raised. What did their parents teach them that ours didn’t? And no, I don’t mean that they were taught to save and invest in certain stocks, though that has an effect. How were they raised that made them believe they could be financially abundant instead of poor or just getting by? What did they believe that we didn’t believe? This is important because as I’m sure you’ve heard on the spiritual path, what we think comes true for us: our thoughts create our life. What they are thinking is coming true for them. It is like the rich automatically know they will have lots of money in their life always. They grow up with lots of money and they don’t know what it is like to not have money. They only know what it is like to have money, so they always have it. (This is obviously a generalization. Side note: I read this money book written by a person who grew up with wealthy parents. She wasn’t able to tell us poor people what we really needed because it was SO much a part of her that she didn’t even know it was a thing and thought we all thought like her. Research a poor person and how they changed their life to get rich; not one who grew up wealthy.) We were raised with  no money or little money and in a place of scarcity. All we know is what it is like to grow up ‘just getting by’, ‘living pay check to pay check’ or in lack. What we need to do is make having financial abundance an automatic state of being instead having lack as an automatic state of being.  (Abundant Maserati Dreaming….)

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I read something once that said I should walk around and see everything I can’t afford to buy and say “I can afford that.” This was supposed to change my Lack programming and bring me more financial abundance. To walk around and say “I can afford that” when I didn’t have the money in the bank didn’t sit well with me. I don’t want to discount the Fake It Until You Make It path. I do believe it can work in some areas of you life, but not in areas where it was too far out of your comfort zone/ability to believe it. (See Cognitive Dissonance below.) All saying “I can afford this” did was make me feel like a liar; which isn’t me.


Don’t you see that the “I can’t afford that” thought is limiting your flow of income? You block the flow of money by thinking I can’t afford that. You don’t give the Universe an opportunity to flow money to you if you stop that flow with “I can’t.” So how do you get around the reality of “I don’t have the money in my bank so I can’t buy it” to a place where you stop blocking your abundance?  (Maserati dreaming…)

20160815 maserati interior

YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR BRAIN OF THINKING I CAN’T AFFORD IT AND GET INTO THE TRUSTING OF YOUR PATH AND THE BELIEVING OF THE UNIVERSE TO PROVIDE TO YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT AND BE OPEN TO RECEIVE IT. What you want, not what you need or deserve but what you wantYou will always believe you can afford what you need but you never believe you can get what you really want, do you?

So how do you get away from the brain/reality of I can’t and into the trusting & believing?

  1. Placate your rational mind by acknowledging that you can’t afford it in this moment. Only dwell on this thought for 2 seconds. We don’t want to continue to look at our lack and continue to create more lack. We simply want to placate our logical brain by admitting that at this moment, we cannot afford it, then we want to forget about it.
  2. Trust your path by knowing that the Universe does not want you to live in lack. It wants you to flourish. You are the one that put up the Abundance Blocks, regardless of who told you all those stupid limiting beliefs of lack. It is YOUR job to change your mind and life to let those limiting beliefs go, regardless of who is to blame for putting them there. So instead of always thinking you are always going to live in lack, trust that your life is meant for bigger things than lack. Trust the Universe wants you to THRIVE, not just survive.  Trust the Universe even though there is currently NO evidence to support that this statement is true. Trust in the mystery and magic and flow of the Universe. Anything can happen and anything has happened to you before, good or bad. So why can’t you consciously create a future where better things happen in the financial arena? You can. You just have to know there is a different path and be able to trust. And don’t just SAY you Trust, actually KNOW you Trust. How do you KNOW you Trust? You just know it is not your job to worry about it or think incessantly about the lack of money. It is your job to know the Universe has your back; while you take positive steps forward like paying $5 extra a month on each credit card.
  3. Believe the Universe will give you what you need AND want AND desire. Believe the Universe will flow financial abundance into your life even though you don’t know how it will happen. Believe that you won’t have to work a million hours a week or at a job that sucks the life out of you in order to obtain financial abundance. Be selfish and KNOW that you deserve to be wealthy and that wealth is a new set point of your new life; not a dream but a place of living. Think of what it feels like to dream of: (enter what makes you happy to think you could have it. example: Maserati) That feeling of having your dream is the same feeling as believing in the Universe to give it to you.  Think of that thing you want, feel that amazing feeling, and then think of that as the same as the Universe actually giving it to you. That feeling is believing in the Universe. And once again here, you have to actually believe and not just SAY you believe.
  4. Be open to receive financial abundance from any possible path of the highest light vibration aka any positive path. You don’t have to be worthy to receive. Just think of some of the ass hats you know of personally and publicly that are wealthy. They are ass hats and are wealthy! You don’t have to be a saint, or be 100% perfect, or lead a life of envy, or have excellent self esteem, etc. in order to be open to receive financial abundance. You just have to be open to receive abundance just as you are now and where you are now. Do this by consciously stating this to the Universe every day when you wake up and really believe it when you say it. Go one now, put a not on your bathroom mirror or as a reminder on your cell phone.
  5. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Repeat this practice over and over again, EVEN when you don’t see the evidence manifesting; especially then. Repeat, repeat, repeat. You have spent how many years on this earth believing “I can’t.” It won’t change overnight!!! Think of how hard it is to change deeply seeded patterns. You are changing the pattern of sustained lack into the pattern of sustained, evergreen wealth. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
TRUST noun: firm belief in the reliability, truth,
     ability, or strength of someone or something.
BE·LIEVE verb: accept (something) as true; feel 
                        sure of the truth of it.

NOTE: Are you one of those people who are reading this article and saying “but it doesn’t work!” It does work because I have had it work in my life. I have to be blunt and honest here. If it isn’t working then YOU aren’t doing the steps above. Hell, I’m not doing the freaking steps and it isn’t working in my life now! IF YOU DON’T CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN YOUR LIFE AND IN YOUR MIND, YOUR LIFE WILL REMAIN THE SAME.  Same shit, different day is NOT how I want to live my life. Stop making excuses and DO THE WORK.

I had a conversation with my significant other earlier this year about getting a “new car.” I found out that my idea of a new car was a 2016 right off the lot and his idea of a new car was a used car that was new-to-him-owning.  Big difference! About a month ago, I started to give into this thinking. I asked him seriously, “what kind of car could we buy for $2,000?” I realize today that I had given up my dream for a new car off the lot for his dream of what we can maybe afford. I had given up the trust and belief and listened to my brain. That makes me feel really sad. (Please don’t get me wrong here! I am not saying you should go into debt to buy expensive things. I am saying that it is okay to want the expensive things and trust your path and believe in the Universe to make miracles happen in your life when you are open to changing your life and changing your current limiting beliefs. I have always believed that us humans have the ability to be Neo but we can’t get past the trust and belief.)

I know I have the power to manifest and I know everyone else has that ability too. Two times in my life I manifested huge, financially impossible miracles (and I look forward to manifesting more!) One time I wanted to go on a plane trip. Every time I saw a plane flying, I would point to it and say “That is going to be me someday”; and I believed it with all my heart. Yes, I manifested a plane trip to Atlanta on business for my job. The second, more recent time, I wanted to go on a out-of-my-state vacation. I manifested a working humanitarian trip to the Gulf Coast. I know Conscious Creation and manifesting works and now I want to center my life on manifesting more often through acknowledgement, trust, belief and receiving.

We are all able to Consciously Create our lives. We are all able to live in financial abundance and we don’t have to be born into wealth in order to live it. Let’s start Consciously Creating good instead of manifesting the same old bullshit. ~Jennifer Mariposa

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JOURNALING PROMPTS: How am I currently limiting my life’s expansion by believing and living limiting thoughts and actions? What are those limiting barriers that are blocking me?

What do I want to consciously create in my life?

What beliefs do I need to change in order to change my life for the better?  HOW will I change those beliefs? (Don’t just say you are going to change. What concrete steps will you take to change everyday?)   {Beach House dreaming…..}

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Who am I? I am a regular person who is trying to find their way through life and trying to make it better. I believe everyone can make their life better in mind, body and soul through positive change. I am here to inspire, motivate and mentor you. Please see my programs to work with me on changing your life for the better in mind, body and soul practices.

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