A New Year, A New Start: 2017


2017 is a numerology number 1 year. {2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1} The energy behind a year 1 is beginning and starting. I have joyfully seen many people putting energy into their Life Purposes, goals and resolutions on Instagram. I have been doing the same on my Instagram account and by writing this Blog Article today. But many of us have been trying for years to get our Positive Habits and New Year’s Resolutions in line with our hopes & dreams for a better life. Yet we are still struggling. This year’s energy will help you start new Positive Habits but it is up to YOU to tap into your inner strength and START anew everyday and fulfill your goals and resolutions. This process doesn’t happen overnight and is exactly that: a process. You are not going to magically wake up one day and work out 5 times a week for the rest of your life. You have to work on making it a habit.

Let me say that again. YOU have to take REGULAR actions steps on a REGULAR and CONSISTENT basis. Positive Habits eventually become ingrained in you and it takes a hell of a lot longer than 21 days for it to become part of your lifestyle!

In-grained {adjective} 

1. (of a habit, belief or attitude) firmly fixed
or established, difficult to change

2. (of dirt or of a stain) deeply embedded and
thus difficult to remove

The process of adding a Positive Habit to your life isn’t just repetitively doing something new to better yourself until it is ingrained in you. This is only half of the equation. The other half is that you are trying to remove something ‘bad’ that is already ingrained in you! 

It is like you are trying to entirely change the blue prints for your being: in with the good and out with the bad. The biggest area of my life where I have made the most long standing positive habits are with what I eat and how often I move my body for exercise. For both of those Positive Habits, I had to gradually stop doing the bad habit while gradually starting to do the Positive Habit.

  • I didn’t have to just start eating good food. I also had to remove the ingrained patterns of the convenience fast food, buying unhealthy food at the store, not wanting to cook at home because it took so much time, remove my taste/palette for craving high sugar, high fat, deep fried, pre-made, unhealthy convenience food & reset my ingrained pattern that “eating meat made me feel full” and a meal without meat made me hungry an hour later.
  • I didn’t have to just start doing exercise 3-6 times a week. I also had to remove the ingrained patterns of being an over stressed sad zombie who couldn’t do anything besides sit on the couch and zone out, having no strength nor endurance to workout, being able to change something as simple as my programming to drive to the gym instead of home regardless of how much I just wanted to say fuck it all to hell and being unable to mentally get my mind wrapped around “this is good for me and I really should do it or my health will suffer” aka it isn’t normal for my body to deteriorate as I grow older; the crappy choices I make in my life make my body deteriorate.

—> This HUGE list of things does NOT change over night!!!! And I am probably forgetting some of the other old ingrained patterns I had to remove.  (!)  ALL of those things I had to remove were: firmly fixed or established, difficult to change, deeply embedded and difficult to remove.  Can you now see why Positive Habits are so hard to integrate into your life?

This I know from experience:

  • Things do not magically change overnight.
  • It takes lots of hard work and focus and determination to be able to make room in your life for a new Positive Habit to settle in.
  • The path will be bumpy: you will do really good for 10 days and then you will loose momentum, make a mistake and give up. Then the next time you try, you will go 30 days and the next time 3 months; all with weeks/months between of not doing anything. You will tend to see this ‘down time’ as failure but you need to see that it is better than what you were doing before.
  • You HAVE to keep trying! Every day is a new day and you can start again tomorrow even though you screwed up today. Even if you mess up a week, there will always be another Monday(Sunday) to start again. Even if you messed up last year, there is always 2017 to start again. Don’t give up if you make a mistake. Get up, dust off your formal clothes, adjust your crown and try again!
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. And this doesn’t just go for Healthy Food and Exercise, this goes for all the other Positive Habits you want to build in your life.


Just so you know how long the process takes, here is an example from my life: I started giving my workout regimen concerted effort in 2008.  It wasn’t until 2015 that I was finally able to workout at least once a week, every week (except one week.)  In 2016, I worked out at least 2 times a week EVERY WEEK. If I remember correctly, I took a 3 month break in 2014, but I still worked out weekly for 9 months that year. Do you understand how HUGE those 2 things are?

  1. It took me 7 years to get to a point where I worked out every week.
  2. Even in 2014 when I took 3 months off, I STILL WORKED OUT FOR 9 MONTHS!  Hello….!

Can you now see that this is a process and something that doesn’t magically happen overnight?

Where are you on this path? Wherever it is, that is exactly where you are supposed to be. That may seem like a bad place but you have to start somewhere. Somewhere is realizing you want to do and be better. Don’t give up. Do it whether you are in the “mood” to do it or not. Keep trying every day. If you mess up today, don’t throw it all away because you are think you’re a failure. Start again tomorrow. Repeat.

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