Stop Sucking My Life Force Negative Thoughts!

Do you ever pay attention to the thoughts that move through your mind? Have you noticed how many of them are negative? How many times have you caught yourself thinking about something that is bothering you and you have been thinking about the same crap for hours? All of this negative thinking is creating our futures. What we think of actually happens in our lives. I am sick of my negative thoughts creating my future. I am trying to change something very hard to change: deeply embedded thought patterns.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am NOT a proponent of sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring our problems as a way to deal with Negative Thought Patterns. I believe we have to look at our problems, think of a good way to deal with them and then take action to deal with them (aka the analytical process.) This to me is positive growth and movement forward in our life. Where this analytical process goes wrong is when we think of this crap all day long and/or can’t go to sleep at night because we can’t stop thinking about it because we are choosing to not deal directly with it. (Letting outside circumstances control our lives instead of taking responsibility for our lives. Yes, choosing not to deal directly with it is letting outside circumstances control our lives.)

If we don’t address the things in our life that are bothering us, our negative thought patterns will continue to rage out of control, keep us down, lower our life force energy and create more negative things for us to think about in the future.

I dare you to get vulnerable in your journal through the action steps below, RIGHT NOW. Take responsibility for your life now. 

Action Steps ~ Dealing with this issue to subdue negative thought patterns via a Divinely Inspired Analytical Process:
  1. Grab a journal and write out everything that is bothering you about this issue and don’t forget to write about how this makes you feel. If you have the urge to cry, then go ahead and express those emotions and any others that may come up. Don’t just write one measly paragraph. This crap is taking up a lot of space in your precious thinking time during the day and all those thoughts and feelings can’t be written in one paragraph. Don’t start giving yourself reasons why you can’t do this: “I don’t have the time.” If you want to change your life you have to make the time to deal with negative patterns within yourself. They won’t just magically go away and ignoring them only makes them grow stronger.
  2. After you have written out everything, take deep breaths to calm down and connect to Source. Ask/pray  a) that all of this weight be lifted off your shoulders, b) that you will see and learn your lessons c) that you surrender all this negativity and that d) a better path of movement forward be shown to you. Believe and Trust.
  3. After this process, you will feel worn out. Take a nap if you need to. You deserve one because you just processed a lot on an emotional, mental and energetic level. After you sleep, I swear, you will feel lighter. When you feel lighter, then better ideas will come to you on how to deal with this situation in a healthier way. Please note that these better ideas will come up at the most inconvenient times. Don’t ignore them or think “I will remember that and take care of it tonight.” Whenever any part of an idea comes up, write it down immediately.  This will also tell your mind that you are not giving it permission to spiral down a negative wormhole. You are only open to new ideas flowing. The best case scenario would be that you have an idea and are able to sit down immediately to do step 4. Do not let this step stop you in your tracks because you aren’t having any new ideas come to you. You may already have the ideas and solution but are unwilling to follow through on them, which is unacceptable it you want to make your life better.
  4. Later in the day, go over your notes and devise a plan to move forward. The ideas may continue to come up over a day or two. This process should NOT be dragged out a way to avoid addressing the problem. If you are not coming up with solutions, then you will need to spend some time in meditation to allow the answer to come to you from Source & Intuition. (Prayer is talking to Source. Meditation is listening to Source.)
  5. The answers you come up with in your plan to move forward will be hard and they will probably scare you too, as you will more than likely be stepping out of your comfort zone. You can’t please everyone and not everyone will be happy with your decisions but this is YOUR LIFE: not theirs. If you don’t do the hard and scary work, this pattern will keep repeating itself in your life by having the same problem come up in different situations with different people. So you have a choice now to do the hard & scary work or to stick your head in the sand as your life continues to spiral downward. Which do you choose?

The idea behind these Action Steps is that when you get the thoughts written down, they tend to leave your head and stop torturing you. This will in turn keep you from spending time thinking negatively and open the pathways for new ideas and ways to fix the problem. This is not a be-all, end-all solution to abolish negative thoughts. It is a way to deal with one part of the negative thought patterns.

Humans love to control the outcome, even by avoidance, but sometimes, when we get a moment of peace from Negative Thoughts, Divinely inspired solutions will present themselves to help us move forward.

~ Jennifer

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