Self Confidence Manifesto

Self Confidence Manifesto

By Jennifer Mariposa

I make a decision today to commit to and practice Self Confidence and Self Love.

I am willing to exude confidence and show myself love.

I choose to feel good about myself and take steps daily to enrich myself.

I prioritize feeling good about myself; it is the rule, not the exception.

I commit to paying attention to my thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

When I notice negative thoughts, or lack of positive thought, I will PIVOT.

I will take 3 deep breaths and say something kind & uplifting to myself.

I will breathe love energy into my heart and receive that love into my being.

I will take the feelings of love I give to others and aim them at myself.

I will feel that love enter my being to expand and uplift me.

If I still feel like I am spiraling downward, I will:

  • Feel the emotions and cry, letting them flow through me then quickly out. I will feel the emotions without attaching to them; which would inevitable make me spiral downward further. Feel them; don’t think or attach to them.
  • Listen to uplifting music: uplifting beats and uplifting words
  • Grab my Goddess Happiness Box of uplift-ment tools and use them
  • Turn on my YouTube Emergency Happiness playlist
  • Journal, Meditate, Ego Eradicator Kriya, Pray, Ask for Help, take a nap!

I choose today to work towards making this a positive deeply seeded pattern by taking actions steps daily.

I will find and use uplifting, kind & enthusiastic words to raise my vibration.

Today, I will remember the woman who exuded Self Confidence and Light when she walked. I will consciously choose to exude those same characteristics. I choose to act as if.

How would a person who is Self Confident act? Act as if.

I do not look towards outside sources to fulfill my need to feel good about myself.

I am learning how to fuel my fire from within instead.

02.04.17   © with wise advice from Be Joy, Rachel Sheffler, Daniela Ruiz & Andrea Iapaolo

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