Black Balloons, Seriously?


♥I turned 47 yesterday. I don’t feel old. My body is healthier than 10 years ago. I see 30 year olds and feel that young. This society had a massive shaming affect on growing older. Black balloons???? That is an insult to me. Hello!!! As I grow older I want to celebrate the wise woman I have become. Not make myself feel bad, ugly, or a foot in the grave with black balloons. I have so much more life to live and would love to healthily live to 120. My journey has just begun and I refuse to let my age define me or stupid, demeaning rituals that this society uses to mark age 40+.

It is time we all wake up to this issue. What is your outlook on hitting age 40+? How do you treat someone who has reached age 40+? What if you started to honor the wise women who are older instead of ignore them because you fear becoming one of them? What if we all looked forward to aging instead of defining it as a death sentence filled with dishonor and disrespect? It is time we change our outlook on aging as a society and it begins with everyone reading this; regardless of your current age. How can you change the way you view getting older and those who are older around you?

I choose to see it as a blessing. I am thankful for another year on this earth. I am grateful to be a year older and so much more wiser as I continue to learn, grow and self-improve.

Happy Birthday to me: a wise, beautiful 47 year old woman.

Jennifer Mariposa

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