Doreen Virtue: Losing a New Age Spiritual Mentor

Doreen Virtue has been one of the most influential people on my New Age path. I started to pull away from her work over 2 years ago and more towards others because I found she wanted to make everything a fluffy cloud of positivity that wouldn’t offend anyone. While I am all about the effect of positivity on my life, I am still a H U M A N. I will not act in ways that aren’t in line with who I am in order to make anyone else feel “not offended.” I wanted someone to give me oracle cards with answers and guidance that weren’t all 100% fluffy, positive, etc. I wanted to be told the truth, straight up. I turned more towards Colette Baron-Reid’s oracle cards because they were both light filled and truth-straight-up-in-your face. I didn’t want to ignore my issues by constantly putting them on a fluffy cloud anymore. I wanted to know what my issues were so I could work through them. I still occasionally watched Doreen’s weekly YouTube videos over the past 2 years but did so a lot less than I used to when I watched them almost weekly. My astrology sun/moon combo specialty is truth telling when no one else will say the truth. Which is why I am very compelled to write this blog article in the first place.

I have watched 3 of Doreen’s YouTube weekly reading videos since January 1, 2017. I noticed there was a longer format to them with a deeper look into her life and her farm; which I liked. But there was this religious bible angle to them that put me off. I didn’t really pay much attention to it and didn’t purposefully seek her videos out to watch either. Then a video came up in my YouTube feed that confirmed my suspicions. Doreen Virtue was baptized in a Christian church and has denounced most of her 20 years of new age work that doesn’t have to do with angels.

To tell you the truth, I was really confused and very bothered and saddened by this. Even though Doreen’s video on the issues was released on August 21, 2017, I didn’t see it until September 6, 2017; after Louise Hay transitioned on August 30th, 2017. I feel like the New Age spiritual world lost two leading New Age Pioneers at the same time with Louise’s death and Doreen’s renouncement of New Age practices. I immediately wanted to discuss this with any of my New Age Spiritual running buddies but I was conflicted. What I wanted to discuss with them about Doreen was definitely judgmental, but I wanted to discuss also how I felt betrayed in a way. Three-ish years ago, Doreen was on Hay House radio being a rebel, talking about Aliens and Conspiracy Theories when Hay House had asked her not too… and now she is rebelling against New Age Spirituality??? That really bothers me. It was like she was fighting on my side and now she is fighting against my side now. And even more, what she taught me she was retracting: pulling the rug out from under my feet. I asked my Soulmate to watch the video that night and we discussed it but I still felt like I wanted to speak with more people about it over the past week since I first viewed the video. I wanted to discuss this all with someone on social media but I felt like I was being judgmental and as a Light Worker who is trying to make the world a better place, “I SHOULDN’T JUDGE DOREEN.” Would my New Age friends renounce me if I judged Doreen?

My first local spiritual teacher told me that judgement is the hardest thing to lose on the New Age Spiritual path. I have come to accept that I will always judge things my entire life. I AM HUMAN. I want to make judgments about things and people so that I can learn from the bad and be better in the future. I want to see where they went wrong so I can avoid doing the same thing in my life. I want to see the contrast so I know what I do want on my path. All that involves judgement: my judgement about how I see the world, how I want to interact in it and with whom I want to interact with. I can see where this article, where it is about my view of Doreen’s change, is also about us, as New Age Spiritual Light Workers, and what we’ve been told about judgment. “Don’t judge anyone.” I am totally open to knowing that there are 2 sides to any story, to not judge based with predudicial ways and that I don’t know anyone’s whole story. But to not be a person who judges other people and situations: that doesn’t resonate with me. I am allowed to judge what is right in my life. And Doreen’s actions directly affected me as I mentioned above: to have my New Age Spiritual Teacher tell me she no longer aligns with what she taught me… Well, just so you know: Am I going to judge, hell yes. Am I going to let Doreen do what she wants, hell yes. Am I going to be upset about her decision, hell yes. I am H U M A N.

I have re-watched Doreen’s video again today. I wrote some notes on it below. Some of it is quotes but there is also paraphrasing by me as well. I do not address everything she said in the video. Please watch the entire video yourself to hear it all first hand. No, I will not be linking her video to my blog. Please do a YouTube search of your own to find and view the video.

Quotes/Paraphrasing from Doreen’s {203,951 followers} YouTube video named “Doreen describes her experiences with Jesus” dated 08.21.17.  {It currently has 87, 270 views} Any words that are in {parenthesis} are my words; not hers.

  • Doreen was baptized in the Episcopal/Anglican church on Feb 25, 2017. After her baptism, she felt the biggest detox and shift in her life. She felt elated, happier, 20 years younger and lighter and free; like some grips of dark energy had released her. {To be H U M A N, we will all experience dark energy, not matter WHERE we are on a Spiritual Path. Crying alone brings up lower, darker energy… The fact that she was un-gripped from dark energy doesn’t make me think her path is better than mine.}
  • On going into the halls of the Whole Life Expo for the first time: “it was so exotic, and fascinating it was incense and crystals and chakra work and reiki healing. It was like going into this Fantasy Party of vendors everywhere.” {Definition of FANTASY from google: “the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.” When I first went to a New Age expo, I was also super awed by all the different vendors there but I wouldn’t consider any of it a FANTASY. I was there, grounded in a moment, fully participating and cognizant of what I was doing there and making a conscious choice to be there. If she thought is was a FANTASY, then why did she go for the New Age Spiritual path in the first place? I know and stand behind every decision I have made in my life. I have very few regrets and I acknowledge my participation in every thing in my life. To regret, or call fantasy, to a path that has changed and uplifted, my life and my self so much… well I would never go there.} 
  • “It was a Divine directive to research about angels. There was this sense, and I still have it, so that’s when people say I’ve given up my life work, it’s not true. I love the angels. They saved my life. The angels are still my focus.” {So what about all that other life’s work where you taught us about mermaids, fairies, dolphins, aliens, incarnated angels, elementals, starpeople, walk-ins and wizards??? It wasn’t Divine directive to teach us about that? So why did you do it? This points to acting in integrity with what you align with. Why say/teach it in the first place?} 
  • “As a child I had ‘second sight’; it’s sometimes called clairvoyance. I saw people, angels and lights. I started taking psychic development classes and found I was really good at giving readings and I enjoyed it. So I started to switch from being a psychotherapist to doing readings.” {This is another thing that boils my blood. W H Y? I have always gotten a wishy-washy feeling about Doreen. Oh, let’s only talk about fluffy clouds so we don’t offend anyone; which really isn’t standing in the truth. Oh, I used to call it clairvoyance but now that the bible doesn’t use that H U M A N word, I will call it second sight. Oh, I will follow this path until something else comes around. Oh, I can’t speak up for myself and say my truth because then I will hurt someone else’s feelings. Oh, I enjoyed doing readings but now the bible says I can’t do that anymore…. STAND IN YOUR FUCKING POWER OF WHO YOU ARE AND DON’T BE A PUSH OVER ABOUT IT. DON’T TALK TO US ABOUT NEW AGE AND THEN FUCKING RENOUNCE IT. DON’T TALK TO US LIKE WE ARE FUCKING IDIOTS AND CAN’T READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Doreen doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground and will go anywhere the wind, or love, or aliens or Jesus takes her. She has shown me this based upon her actions. Is she allowed to change, hell yes. Has she shown me the person I DON’T WANT TO BE, hell yes. Make sound decisions and stick to them. Don’t be a push over and not stand your ground. If she had stuck to her Jesus intuitions all along, she never would have gone on the New Age Spiritual path. And now I get to sit here, with my head spinning from aliens to wizards to baptism…. to WTF?} 
  • “As soon as the angel experience happened in 1995, I made my readings connecting to the angels, getting messages with the angels, always with the intention of that the angels are a messenger of god.” {But what about when she connected to each of the Ascended Masters to receive words to write the book of the same name after 1995?}
  • “This is what my life was for 20 years, going around the world, teaching about angels, writing new books, new angel cards. {and dolphin, mermaid and unicorn, etc. books} I can really see where looking back on that where the confusion is. {Saying one thing but believing another?} When we understand our relationship with our creator, then we understand that the creator is our source. So god speaks to us directly and very often through angels. When we speak to god, we don’t speak to god through angels, we speak directly to god and that’s where the confusion is.” {Glad you got that all figured out… but I still think this is just an excuse, made convenient reason, so you can look good to BOTH the church and your New Age Spiritual followers; oh, and to yourself too.}
  • When she spoke or wrote about god or Jesus, she would get a push back. People saying they didn’t want to hear about Jesus. People would tell her they had painful experiences with organized religion and they connected Jesus to that. “Being a sensitive person, I didn’t want to do anything that would “offend” people upset them so I stopped talking about Jesus publicly. According to my audience, I would either talk about Jesus or not, and that never felt right.” {Another example to show you that it is imperative to not be a push over and to stand in integrity with yourself and not the expectations of others.} 
  • “And people would say Jesus was the equivalent of Buddha or Krishna and other ascended masters, so this is the direction I started to see Jesus in. And I have to admit that I was influenced by people that I was talking to who were more seasoned than me in New Age as I was doing my research.” {Or were you influenced by the church that this wasn’t right?}
  • “Proceeds from the Loving Words from Jesus card deck go to Compassion international, serving children worldwide. These cards really woke me up.” to the path of Jesus. {She is trying to prove her worthiness.}
  • I am not here to judge anyone. “When I was in the New Age, I found many conversations that I was involved in. I take responsibility. Where we would judge Christians. And I think if we are really serious about bringing love and light into the world and peace, we need to take a a look at that. Stop judging and pigeon holing.” {But it’s okay to judge the New Age as not good enough anymore??? This was a desperate, passive aggressive plea from her asking us to not judge her. This is another thing that bothers the hell out of me from anyone: passive aggressiveness. Just ask for what your want. Don’t be sneaky or subversive or manipulative. Live in integrity. I judge. I am okay with that. I say it publicly. I also try way harder than Doreen to live in integrity and to say what I mean and mean what I say and to act in that way as well.}
  • She quotes the bible 7 times in this video. {It’s like she is trying to get her New Age followers to be Christian now.} {One of the bible quotes was about not judging from the previous bullet point…}
  • “It wasn’t that I was ashamed of talking about Jesus; it was that I was inconsistent with it.” {Doreen was misleading us… not living in integrity in order to be accepted by the New Agers who were giving her lots of money to educate them about New Age practices.}
  • I was trying to walk in both worlds: Christian by going to church. {Here comes a part where she talks about going to church during different parts of her life; as if defending her testimonial and her love for Jesus that most of us never knew she had.} She credits her research from the Loving Words of Jesus cards for getting her back into the church.
  • Michael, her husband(?)/boyfriend(?), and her did church shopping for 3 years, looking for the right fit for them. {I won’t go there… You figure it out yourself Dear Reader.}
  • At church on January 7, 2017. As she was looking at a woman in church, the scene changed. The other woman disappeared, the church disappeared and all the people disappeared. And there was Jesus right in front of me. Standing there, well floating really, and he was glowing. He was glowing so brightly all around him, especially from his heart. The glow was a candle light color. And a smile on his face. He was looking at me but it was a sense that he wasn’t looking at me personally, like my ego, it was a sense of everyone and that included me. It was a whole different experience than when she’d seen angels before. It was the most 3 dimensional she’d ever seen. She doesn’t know how long it lasted. When he showed up, she knew a few things that became her knowledge. She went from believing to knowing that Jesus is real, that he knows who you are, who I am. Not in a judgy way but in a compassionate I hope that you’ll do the mission type of way. {WTF?} He is the son of god; he is not an ascended master. She understood she was to amplify her bible studies and share what she was learning with others. She doesn’t even know how she got home from church. It was a blur. She then received the message after this to get baptized. {Doreen, I am so humbled that you are such a special person with special gifts and that even though you were on the Spiritual New Age path for 20 years that Jesus chose YOU to show himself to. Wow, you sure are blessed……….. NOT. Oh, maybe if I get religious with all this New Age knowledge, then I will see Jesus too….. Insert a bunch of hypocritical eye rolling here.} 
  • Some people asked her how she knew it was the real Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, because there are beings masquerading as Jesus? She says by the bible words “by your fruits you shall know them” from the bible. After seeing Jesus, she was completely changed. {Good for you Doreen. I no longer align with you. Please don’t be judgmental of us New Agers who are now less than you. And please don’t stand before us New Agers and try to Save us.} 
  • “I then started to give up things against the bible like: medium-ship, and what is called fortune telling; which is predicting. I wanted to be completely aligned with god’s will and I didn’t want to do anything that was against his will. So I prayed Dear Lord, Please lead me that what I am teaching is according to your will.” {I’m glad that you, maybe, now have something that truly aligns with you, maybe, 100% Doreen. —> Her word means nothing to me. She has lost all integrity in my eyes.}
  • “I told Hay House: 1) all the money that was coming from the Tarot cards; which I didn’t think of them as evil, I saw them as a predictive nature. The royalties are going to the {Louise} Hay Foundation; not Doreen so she doesn’t even get a tax deduction for charity. In about a year, she will take her name off the tarot cards. 2) She could no longer talk/write about anything that wasn’t scriptural. Reid Tracy said that was okay. She couldn’t write about some of the things she was writing about before, anymore. She is only going to write Christian based products: books and cards and such. 3) Take the Ascended Master book and cards out of print just in case people are misunderstanding those products and causing them to worship idols or deities other than god.” {Does this include the Mermaids, Unicorns, Goddesses and Fairies?}4) After January 25, 2017, she started working on mornings with the lord, a daily reader.” {I think she will be withdrawing from print all of her New Age products slowly over the next number of months/years as Hay House allows. If you have your eye on something, you might want to buy it before you can’t find it. New Age work by a born again Christian may be harder and harder to find in the near future as it becomes more of a rare treasure. You may want to buy it second hand if you no longer want to fund Doreen’s pockets anymore.}  
  • On a personal level, she asked holy spirit, the fact that she could see these predictive things. What holy spirit told her was to read a bible passage that says We are all given gifts by the holy spirit to help each other, including prophecy. She was confused and asked for more answers. The bottom line was “if god wants to give you and I a message, god will give us a message. Very often the prophets would go to god for the kings or community. Then god will give us the message sometimes through angels. God determines the messages. This was the turn in her compass. Always make sure she is going straight to god for messages, healing and help. {I have not much more to say in response to her words.} 
  • The bible says no mediumship. My understanding is that some people were going to deceased people {?ascended masters?} for guidance instead of to god.
  • When she asked holy spirit on her ability to see {clairvoyance} she was told was to stop using it like a trick pony when people would ask her for readings; like a slot machine. To wait for god to inspire these Messages. She doesn’t call them Readings anymore. So instead of doing predictions it is more about contemplation; thinking about and receiving messages. So it’s a subtle shift. With regard to tarot, I was going to them {who?} for answers as opposed to going to god. I suppose someone could use the tarot to go to god but you’d have to pray about that and see if it’s aligned with you. Radleigh Valentine is on his own tarot path now even though we are still friends.
  • After January 25, 2017, she made changes to Instagram and Facebook where she would no longer do any predictions or reading the energy of the day. I was simply contemplating the card she pulled; rather than getting advice from outside of god. She prayed to god should she stop using cards all together? She has not got that message. She was told it is the way you use cards that’s the determining factor. {It’s like she doesn’t want to throw out everything she taught for the past 20 years. Only that which can be bent to religion will stay.} Because sorcery, divination, and fortune telling are forbidden in the bible. On her radio show, she prays with people instead of giving them readings or back to her psychology background. On the Women’s World article, she took that channeling part off it.
  • She ends the video in a prayer that god and Jesus help her to Save others. “I am honored to share this time with you in communion.” {I’ve had enough, thank you.}

In the video, Doreen says to not throw out the baby with the bath water. I won’t throw out Doreen’s New Age work because of her new found Christianity. I will however, stop following her from now on as I don’t align with what she now is teaching. Who knows what she will be talking about in a decade? Maybe she will come back to us for forgiveness. I just never know with her which way she will go. I do know that I have no room in my life for that wishy-washy-ness. Goodbye Doreen. I wish you well upon your path; as I’m sure you wish me well upon mine.

Questions for the Readers of this blog article to ponder:

  • In what ways am I wishy-washy? How will I do better from now on?
  • In what ways am I being a push over? How will I do better from now on?
  • In what ways am I not living in integrity with myself and with what I believe? How will I do better from now on?
  • In what ways am I be manipulative and passive aggressive in order to get my way because I am to scared to speak my truth and ask for what I want? How will I do better from now on?

Some people may think I am not being SPIRITUAL because I am saying judgmental things. Things that all of you are thinking anyway but feel bad for thinking and won’t admit to it, let alone say it to anyone else. Please be HUMAN and Judge ME if you want but at least I am living in integrity and having the guts to say what others won’t. It is time to bring our HUMANNESS back into being human and not try to live in some un-attainable perfect way that none of us will achieve anyway ever!  I am hurt and baffled and frustrated and saddened by Doreen’s actions. That reaction is HUMAN. I have a desire to discuss this with with like minded New Age Spiritual people. So if you are a New Age Spiritual person, I would love to hear your honest comments about Doreen’s switch from New Age practices to being a baptized Christian.

(c), written on 09.12.17


  1. Ashley Jennings-Bigay

    Here are two links to this as well:
    1) A deleted video I’m watching right now. She took it down right away so it’ll be interesting to see why she did.
    2) Another article about this topic including comments from a few of her students.

    Personally, I am happy for her but I don’t have a good feeling (intuition) that this is solely her decision but maybe from her current husband. I cannot judge it too much because it isn’t my path but something doesn’t sit right with me.

    I did not have a good relationship with the church growing up but I got to a point of respect and understanding it as well as still keeping it at a distance and all their teachings. I don’t think what she is doing/saying is bringing it to the surface. I feel something else. To say I am disappointed in her (to give into fear – if that is what organized religion and the bible truly is, which we will not know until we’ve transitioned) is half accurate and half ego (I want more of her cards and books and it was her Fairy deck that saved my life).

    I still follow her on all her SM platforms but haven’t watched her newly renovated videos on YT yet. I just don’t know. I can say I feel betrayed but then again Eckhart Tolle said it best when he mentioned that the only spiritual teacher should be suffering because it bring about awareness. The only earth being teachers I have is Thich Nhat Hanh, my family, and myself. I haven’t seen her as a teacher or guide but as someone complete on their own since the I Can Do It Conference in 2011 when she told me that everything comes from God and not her. That was the last time I saw someone as a teacher and guide. Thich Nhat Hanh I feel different about, something I can’t express just yet.

    Anyways, that was super long. I’m still confused but trying to let go of my expectations and ego. It’s hard and not settling right so that is what is worrisome.

    • Thank you so much for your comments Ashley. You brought up many good points. I am going to watch the video links you posted very soon. I would like to watch them and get back to this response to you. Have a great night!

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