About M.E.

Vision Statement
Mariposa Evolution assists those who are serious about making big changes in their total well-being through: healthy eating, exercise, self-improvement, meditation and soul-centered practices.

Healthy Eating: Chemical Free, Whole Food Recipes that are made at home

Exercise: Moving Your Body while raising your heart rate for at least 20 minutes straight

Self-Improvement: Journaling, Changing negative patterns, beliefs and habits, Reading and Learning about what can make your life better and then implementing those things into your life, making a plan to change your life and then taking action steps daily to implement those changes into your life.

Meditation: Yes, it is hard to learn but you have to keep on trying until you get it. It can take months of daily trying to finally get 2 seconds with no thoughts in your mind.

Soul-Centered Practices: Positive Thought, Connecting to Source, Grounding/Clearing/Protecting All of Your Fields, Prayer, Meditation, Gemstones, Oracle Cards, Divination, etc.

Mission Statement

Mariposa Evolution assists those who are ready to make major changes in their life to achieve Well Being in Body, Mind & Soul. For those who are ready to make some big adjustments to their priorities, Mariposa Evolution will guide them on a path of change. This change will be implemented for the rest of their life to sustain Well Being in all their years. These souls are on a Merry-Go-Round of not liking their life. They know change is hard but they are willing to do just about anything to create a life they love and enjoy waking up to every morning. Mariposa Evolution is committed to helping its clients step into their role of Conscious Creator where life no longer happens to them; it is created by them.

To Accomplish This Goal:

  • I will never advocate quick and easy changes. True lasting change is made by slowly leaving behind the bad while slowly adding in the good.
  • I will never make clients feel “less than” because they currently have unhealthy habits. I have been there before so I know exactly what my clients are going through.
  • My out-of-office times and vacations will be clearly communicated to all clients.
  • I will never offer less-than-ready products or services to clients to just make a dollar. I do not wish to waste your time and money with garbage products thrown together in a pretty package to turn a dollar. All content I offer will be useful and helpful to your life.
  • I will never accept clients who are not the “right fit.” I believe that time and energy should be spent where clients will get the most benefit for their investment; even if that means denying their application and losing a sale.

Mariposa Evolution will:

  • Seeks to inspire with motivating, uplifting, positive content to encourage change.
  • Challenge everyone to step into a new healthy life via social media platforms.
  • Share action steps anyone can take to move forward on their path to better well-being through website articles.
  • Align with integrity as I practice what I preach.
  • Meet clients exactly where they are now and move forward at a pace they are comfortable with. Forward movement will always be encouraged as standing still gets us nowhere.
  • Foster a close relationship with my clients.
  • Focus on achievable goals through slow steady movement forward.
  • Assist with breaking through blocks, excuses and reasons that prevent positive growth.
  • Prioritize honesty over what the client wants to hear.
  • Empower clients to become Conscious Creators of their lives.
  • Come from the highest intention of positive growth, by challenging you on your bullshit.
  • Encourage open and honest communication between my client and I; as well as encouraging clients to be open and honest in their communication with themselves.
  • Guide clients through the process of busting through the biggest blocks to change: Time & Money.
  • Educate clients on why they are doing what they are doing.
  • Provide a safe space for clients to be vulnerable & honest as they work through their big changes.
  • Remember that I was once a struggling young woman who wished some Angel would come and help me. In honor of that wish, I will donate a portion of my net profits to organizations that 1) align with my values and 2)  help people on an individual level.
About ME, Jennifer Mariposa
My Story is Here
Terms and Conditions

{“Program” refers to Mariposa Awakening or Tiger Focus or Platinum 1:1 Mentoring.}

1) There are absolutely NO REFUNDS available for any product or service provided by Mariposa Evolution/Jennifer Mariposa.

2) If something comes up in your schedule and you cannot attend this session of Mariposa Awakening or Tiger Focus, you will automatically be enrolled in the next available session. This “credit” will be good for one year. No “credits” will be issued for Platinum 1:1 Mentoring.

3) Jennifer Mariposa reserves the right to stop offering the Mariposa Awakening program, the Tiger Focus program (or any other product/service) at any time and that there is no guarantee that there will be another session of Mariposa Awakening or Tiger Focus after this one. If this program is permanently cancelled, you will automatically receive an Action Step Oracle Card Reading in lieu of the program being cancelled by Jennifer Mariposa. This is the ONLY time an Action Step Oracle Card Reading will be offered towards your “credit.” (Mariposa Awakening = 5 card draw. Tiger Focus = 10 card draw.)

4) If the client  wants to receive this “credit”, they must contact Jennifer Mariposa BEFORE their initial One-on–One Skpye call. No “credits” will be issued after our One-on-One Skpye call. Jennifer Mariposa can be contacted by a) replying to a Mariposa Awakening email or b) on the Mariposa Evolution “Contact Me” page. This “credit” cannot be transferred to anyone else as Mariposa Awakening is an application acceptance based program.

5) Jennifer Mariposa reserves the right to reschedule this program any time before it begins.

6) Your program fees must be paid in full by the date stated in your acceptance email. If payment is not received by that date, you forfeit your place in this program and must re-apply to the program.

7) Jennifer Mariposa is not a medical professional and no advice given can be construed as professional medical advice. If you have a medical issue, you should seek a medical professional immediately. Jennifer Mariposa is not a dietitian, personal trainer, et al. She is here as your mentor and will not advise anything that she has not tried and succeeded at.

8) The only One-on–One mentoring you will receive in the Mariposa Awakening program is in the initial Skype call.  The only One-on–One mentoring you will receive in the Tiger Focus program is in the monthly Skype calls. All mentoring outside of the Skype calls will be addressed in the group on Facebook. All private messages to Jennifer Mariposa or Mariposa Evolution will be addressed in the following manner: The 1st private message will be responded to with this notice “All mentoring and questions must be addressed in the Facebook group. Please post your questions there. If any more private messages are received, you will automatically be removed from the program and you will not be entitled to a refund.”

9) Your success in this program is directly linked to a) your DAILY participation in this program and b) the action steps you take DAILY and c) your prompt reading and review of all program materials, mentoring and emails.


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