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I am so Happy that you are interested in finding out more about what programs I have to offer. These programs will be re-launched shortly so make sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop and receive discounts not available to anyone else. 

P.S. The sales pages, linked below in orange font, have been temporarily taken down but will reappear when they are revised. The Program Comparison Chart below accurately reflects the current planned changes and the new forthcoming program, Mariposa Rising.

Mariposa Awakening ~ Create 3 basic Healthy Mind, Body & Soul habits in 55 days. More information is HERE.

Tiger Focus ~ 4 months to establish healthy habits: Mind, Body and Soul Practices. More information is HERE.

Platinum One on One Mentoring ~ You & Me, one on one concentrated focus on you. For more information on Platinum One on One Mentoring HERE.

Mariposa Rising ~ You fell off the horse from doing your established healthy habit and need help getting back on track for the next 21 days. For more information on Mariposa Rising HERE.

Mariposa Evolution Program

Comparison Chart

(C) Mariposa Evolution
Mariposa Awakening Tiger Focus Platinum 1:1 Mentoring Mariposa Rising
Program Duration 55 days 4 months Month by Month 21 days
Facebook (FB) Group? Yes, group Yes, group Yes, private No
Skype Calls? Yes Yes Yes Yes
How Many Skype Calls: 1 5 4 per month 4
Skype Call Length: 30 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 15 minutes
Time Management/Priorities? No Yes Yes No
Commit to 3 Accountability? Yes Yes Yes Yes
How I Am Available to You for Mentoring in Addition to the Skype Calls:
How Group Mentoring Group Mentoring 1:1 Mentoring n/a
Where FB Group FB Group 1:1 FB Group n/a
Days Tues/Thurs Mon/Tues/Thurs 4 days n/a
Hours 11am-3pm EST 11am-3pm EST Varies by Day EST n/a
Other Services: 4 informative pdf’s n/a Monthly 3 Card Action Step Oracle Reading n/a
Discount if you continue in this same program the next program cycle: Yes, Limit One Additional Program Cycle Yes, no limit on number of discounted program cycles as long as the cycles are consecutive No No
Refunds Available No No No No
Program Focus 3 Beginner Mind/Body/Soul Practice goals to get you started on a path to a healthier lifestyle. 55 days to instill momentum to keep you moving forward with new habits. 3 Mind/Body/Soul Practice goals to continue on your healthy self-improvement path. 4 months to instill firm momentum to keep you moving forward with these new habits. Concentrated, one on one mentoring for someone who is ready to kick their life into high gear through focused self-improvement with a mentor who focuses on you. A focused kick in butt to get you moving after you have stopped doing a healthy habit you were successfully & regularly doing before. This program is NOT for NEW habits.
What is Worked On 3 goals: 1) proper water intake, 2) exercise + 3) one easy Soul Practice chosen by Participant (no changes to 1st two goals) 3 goals chosen by Participant, one goal in each category = 1) Mind 2) Body 3) Soul Practice. Must be what I consider 1 hard goal + 2 easy goals. Up to 3 mind, body or Soul Practice Goals chosen by participant with a limit of 1 hard goal at a time. 1 Goal accountability to get you back on the horse and moving forward with a habit you established previously but no longer do.
Habit Establishment Level BEGINNER ~ You know you should be doing these basic healthy habits and need to start at the beginning: learn how to create healthy habits in your life. INTERMEDIATE ~ You have already successfully instilled some healthy habits in your life and are ready to create more Beginner to Advanced with healthy habit implementation. You are ready to invest time, focus, energy & money into improving your life 1:1 with a mentor. ADVANCED ~ You know how to do this healthy habit already but stopped doing it. You don’t need mentoring; just accountability.
This Program is NOT FOR YOU: If you have already established these healthy habits in your life If you are a beginner with establishing new healthy habits If you aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to change your life If you are starting a new habit. New habits need more than just Accountability to succeed.
Accountability Commit to 3 Commit to 3 Commit to 3 Commit to 3
Goal Planning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mentoring Yes Yes Yes No
Monetary Exchange $88 $299 $222/month $111

Please feel free to contact me HERE if you have any questions.

Have a Miraculous Day ♥

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