Doreen Virtue: Losing a New Age Spiritual Mentor

Doreen Virtue has been one of the most influential people on my New Age path. I started to pull away from her work over 2 years ago and more towards others because I found she wanted to make everything a fluffy cloud of positivity that wouldn’t offend anyone. While I am all about the effect of positivity on my life, I am still a H U M A N. I will not act in ways that aren’t in line with who I am in order to make anyone else feel “not offended.” I wanted someone to give me oracle cards with answers and guidance that weren’t all 100% fluffy, positive, etc. I wanted to be told the truth, straight up. I turned more towards Colette Baron-Reid’s oracle cards because they were both light filled and truth-straight-up-in-your face. I didn’t want to ignore my issues by constantly putting them on a fluffy cloud anymore. I wanted to know what my issues were so I could work through them. I still occasionally watched Doreen’s weekly YouTube videos over the past 2 years but did so a lot less than I used to when I watched them almost weekly.┬áMy astrology sun/moon combo specialty is truth telling when no one else will say the truth. Which is why I am very compelled to write this blog article in the first place. Continue reading